Assistant for Arkham Horror

Game rules, Investigator and Ancient One sheets in one app, one place and always in front of you

The iOS application Assistant for Arkham Horror serves as a substitute for the game elements to the Arkham Horror tabletop game.


Application contains all the Investigators and Ancient Ones sheets from base edition of Arkham Horror and expansions. It also contains simple game rules. Cards are interactive and can be used with the game itself as a substitute for classic tokens and sheets.


Interactive tracking sheets with game tokens, personal story cards and usable by more players

Ancient Ones

Tracking sheets with interactive doom track

Game Rules

Well organised game rules with integrated search and expansions filter


Cards for Heralds, Guardians and Institutions (only on iPad)

Player Reference Sheet

Reference sheet for information about open gate, outskirts and gate limits and monsters drawn for different game settings

Comunity Content

ustom game sheets from community including new Investigators, Ancient Ones, Heralds, Guardians and Institutions

iPad Screenshots

iPhone Screenshots

Version History

18. 9. 2019
18. 9. 2019

Version 2.1.4

  • Update compatibility with new os version
11. 4. 2019
11. 4. 2019

Version 2.1.3

  • iPhone Fix some graphical glitches
16. 3. 2018
16. 3. 2018

Version 2.1.1

  • iPad Fix store state of selected investigator or ancient one
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